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Appia Energy Corp. (C:API) outlines radioactive anomalies at Alces Lake JV

2016-07-19 10:29 ET – News Release Click For Appia Website Mr. Tom Drivas reports APPIA OUTLINES EXTENSIVE ANOMALIES CORRESPONDING WITH KNOWN URANIUM AND RARE EARTH MINERALIZATION AT ITS ALCES LAKE JV The Geotech Ltd. airborne geophysical and radiometric surveys on Appia Energy Corp.’s Alces Lake property in Northern Saskatchewan (see news release dated May 31,…

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Yen Weakens!

July 12/2016 The Yen weakened approximately 4% in the first two days of trading this week, driving the Yen crosses northward with scarcely a pause for 48 hours straight. Was this a very effusive short squeeze or what? Hard to tell in these crazy markets with so many participants and so many trend following computers…

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TSX Venture index rises to 730 level, and LAT.V PP

July 02 2016 The TSX.V is pulling a Pheonix from the ashes move in 2016…. -After years of a crushing annhilating bear market, hitting an incredible all time low of 466.33 points, the TSX Venture Exchange is on track for a double in 2016. Thursday June 30th the index hit a 2 year high of…

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