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Marketing Through Gamification in 2017

Gaming. This word conjures up a vision of teen boys staring intently at a screen for hours and hours, lost in some competitive world of mayhem. This has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry right under the noses of most of us regular humans. Now digital marketers are seeing how valuable gamification can be in engaging…

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Champion Iron (CIA.V) wins the Mining Downturn Award

Champion Iron Ltd. trades under the symbol V.CIA  and, like the CIA working undercover during one of the most vicious downturns the mining industry has ever seen (although not so blatantly undercover) they struck gold, or iron in this case. CEO Michael O’Keefe has pulled off a masterstroke by purchasing the Bloom Lake Mine and related assets…

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Gold and the 50% Retracement….

Image courtesy of Google images   Dec 15, 2016 Market watchers who have been following the gold price since early 2000 must by now be quite amazed as well as thoroughly entertained by the run this most iconic of precious metals has displayed. Starting  from $340 (U.S) in 2003 price rose all the way to hit…

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Amfil Technologies Inc. AMFE- OTC-BB

So who would have guessed that board games played on a table top would flourish so successfully in this digital day and age? By now we should have all disappeared down the rabbit hole of our social media devices, earning our carpal tunnel scores the old fashioned way, one irritating tap on a glass screen…

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The Story of Aurora and the 16 Football Fields of Marijuana Story…Sort Of

Well there is not much more to be said than this: – If/when Canada changes the rules to allow recreational smoking of marijuana- as they have said will happen… then according to a recent Globe and Mail article – we won’t have enough to go around! There is already a shortage!! (Sort Of) But wait,…

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