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MJAC 2017 in Los Angelos- Sept 01 and 02

Labour day weekend is an unusual time for a conference but when you are talking about a cannabis conference the rules can change somewhat it appears….The very popular investing website is putting on this exciting show in Los Angelos Sept 01 and 02. They are doing this in conjunction with CannaInvestor Magazine . “MJAC 2017-InvestorsHub International Cannabis Conference” JW…

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Bitcoin – It’s Like a Duck!

Aug 14 2017- Well the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck- then it must be a duck! This saying apparently originated in the 17th Century as a result of a mechanical “Digesting Duck” built by a French inventor/artist and automaton maker named  “Jacques de Vaucanson”.  -He created a…

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