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Critical Minerals Institute Summit- Wed Nov, 2022

Critical Minerals Institute, or CMI

The next Critical Minerals Summit hosted by the CMI is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2022, in Toronto, Canada.

-Corporate sponsors are listed here,
Critical Minerals Institute link

-This promises to be an interesting meeting with all the positive and financial support which the Canadian government is giving the industry nowadays.

-We will be interested to hear what IntelInvestor has to say about the results of this meeting of the minds with such industry heavies as Jack Lifton attending. (Mr Lifton is also part of the Investor Intel organization and an advisory board member of Appia Rare Earths and Uranium Corp, of which the editor is a shareholder.

More to report after we hear about the results of the meeting.

Appia Rare Earths and Uranium Corp.


(CSE:API, OTCQB:APAAF, Germany: “A0I.F”, “A0I.MU”, “A0I.BE”)

-More big news from rare earth/uranium junior exploration company, Appia Rare earths and Energy Corp. They have submitted a bulk sample as part of a metallurgical collaboration with CanmetMining focused on beneficiation testwork for its Alces Lake rare earth project.

If you are wondering what the definition of ‘beneficiation’ is, here it is:

“Beneficiation is the process where ore is reduced in size and gange separated from the ore. Since all iron ore deposits have unique mineralogy, the beneficiation process is specific to each deposit.”

-This is an excellent step forward in the development of the high grade Alces Lake project located in Saskatchewan.

Press Release

One of the reasons we believe that this can be seen as very significant is that Canmetmining is a Canadian government affiliated organization and in recent years it is no secret that western governments plan to establish their own secure supply of rare earth minerals and critical rare earth minerals. China currently supplies most of the worlds rare earths and they have made no secret of the fact that this is at an end for the foreseeable future!

Here is a quote from the press release detailing this connection:

Federal R&D assistance is provided through a collaboration agreement with CanmetMINING, under their Critical Minerals Research, Development and Demonstration program. This program targets research and development for upstream critical minerals processing and aims to stimulate the development of battery and permanent magnet value chains in Canada.

The following are some of the more technical details of the Canmetmining services:

Proficiency Testing Program for Mineral Analysis Laboratories

CanmetMINING operates a Proficiency Testing Program for Mineral Analysis Laboratories (PTP-MAL) in in cooperation with the Task Group Laboratories Mineral Analysis Laboratories Working Group of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). They are responsible for defining the metals of interest and the concentration range for each, as well as establishing the criteria and target values for assessing laboratory proficiency.

The proficiency testing program operates in full accord with ISO/IEC 17043 standard “Conformity Assessment –General requirements for proficiency testing” and CAN-P-1579, “Guidelines for the Accreditation of Mineral Analysis Testing Laboratories,” striving in particular to respond to the needs of Canadian mineral analysis laboratories.

PTP-MAL is a means by which a mineral analysis laboratory can assess its performance for one or more analytical methods independently of internal quality control. Moreover, participation in the program is obligatory if a laboratory is to be accredited or is to retain its accreditation for mineral analysis activities by SCC to ISO/IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories.”

We will be anxiously awaiting results because information on the metallurgy of a project is always welcome news. The company has also been drilling Alces Lake since earlier this year having got a jump on most drilling situations with the establishment of a winter camp in the 2021 season. The company is also awaiting assays from last year because of covid delays, so Lots of exciting news to come!

More at the company website: Appia Website

Editor owns shares in Appia and may add to or sell these shares at any time.

The Canadian Junior Report


PDAC 2022 ‘Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’ 90th Year

Exciting News: The PDAC is back in person in 2022, for its 90th birthday!

The date of the show will now be held from June 13-15 in person and June 28-29 online.
This is a change from the usual spot in early March, probably due to ongoing pandemic considerations.
After 2 years of being hosted online only due to the Covid pandemic it appears 2022 will see the  world renowned Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada back in all it’s glory.

Also looks like this years event will be busy as we see this announcement on the official website:
“Please note that exhibit space for the in person portion of the Trade Show is sold out. See below for more details.” Prior years regularly have seen well over 30,000 attendees so we expect the event to be very busy this year given that the pandemic measures continue to normalize.

You can register by clicking this link: PDAC 2022 Registration

-The location for exhibits and trade show events at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto at 222 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto Canada.

As usual we expect to see various company parties and evening events hosted at other venues in the surrounding downtown area as in pre covid years. There is usually a list of events posted in the lobby of the Royal York Hotel and
flyers posted and so on in the convention area and at the exhibit booths.

2022 promises to be a very exciting year as there has been a lot of important discoveries and the term ‘commodities supercycle’ has become popular lately, as well as the need for certain metals to support national defense and various industries that rely on a secure supply of metals for their products. This has lent a more than usual sense of urgency to the important task of finding new mineral resources.

Hope to see you there!

The Canadian Junior Report




PDAC Contact Address:

Prospectors & Developers
Association of Canada

800-170 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3B3
416 362 1969


Is a ‘Commodities Supercycle’ coming?

Is A Commodities Supercycle Coming?

“A commodity supercycle is a sustained period, usually more than a decade, of increasing commodity demand.”

The phrase ‘commodities supercycle’ has been popping up in articles more frequently recently. The last time it was getting mentioned so frequently was back around 2008 just before we entered a severe downturn in the fortunes of the junior exploration business.

The following 20 year chart shows where we are at with the current sentiment via the TSX.V which tends to be heavily weighted with junior exploration companies.

20 Years of TSX.V

Now a lot of people know you can get quite rich from holding shares in the right junior exploration companies, but it can also really test your patience waiting for a discovery. Conventional wisdom also says you need to own around 10 of these companies in order to achieve success with one because it is a game of probabilities.

That being said there is a lot you can learn, and even participate in by telling all your friends and going to the various conventions for these companies, one of which is the annual PDAC in Toronto.

The Prospectors and Developers Association Convention is one of the largest in the world and has been a virtual institution in Toronto for decades. The covid pandemic the past couple of years has been the only real hiccup to one of the most interesting conventions out there, at least if you are a mining enthusiast!
The past 2 years has seen the PDAC go virtual but it will be back at the regular spot as of this year.

Official dates: PDAC 2022 will now be hosted in person in Toronto from June 13-15 and online from June 28-29.

Official Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
222 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON

See you there!

The Canadian Junior Report

Appia Energy Corp – Alces Lake Video- April 02, 2021

Appia’s management, directors and consulting team have extensive experience with uranium exploration in the prolific Athabasca Basin district of northern Saskatchewan, and uranium and rare earth development and mining in the historic Elliot Lake mining camp.

-The following video describing their exciting “Alces Lake” rare earth (REE) and critical rare earth (CREE) minerals property located in Saskatchewan. The company is launching a $5 million diamond drill program in the 2nd quarter of 2021 to further develop this highly mineralized property.

-Disclaimer: Editor holds shares in Appia Energy Corp. and may buy or sell at any time.

PDAC 2021 is Here!

It is PDAC again, the biggest mining conference of the year (in the world) is here and this year it is virtual! Like most of the world PDAC is going virtual this year and it promises to be a good one.

You can register here: PDAC 2021 Convention Registration
-A popular real life event which has now gone virtual is the Core Shack PDAC 2021 Core Shack

-With this year being basically 100% virtual, it is quite possible that attendees will be able to cover even more of the events and participate in more meetings – since they won’t have travel to deal with. As the world has adapted to virtual communication at a blinding speed because of the pandemic it may just be that consuming new information on potential investments or companies and subjects of interest will permanently be facilitated by virtual information consumption.

There is a lot to be happy about this year if you are in the mining or minerals and commodities supply business. Demand is booming with Electric Vehicles firmly leading the way in a number of categories. Uranium and nuclear power demands are also on the scene and more and more people are realizing that keeping the world green may well depend on implement nuclear power as it creates virtually no greenhouse emissions. (Wake up Greenpeace!) Copper has seen recent multi-year highs which is usually considered a very powerful sign of growth. In short, things are booming for this sector and the rest of the investing world is starting to catch on. Very exciting!

At any rate, it is happening in full measure this year of 2021 and we expect the PDAC organization to be fully prepared and to ‘knock it out of the park’ as they do every year, see you there!

Bitcoin Update- 2021

Last year at this time, PDAC 2020 was occurring and Bitcoin was trading in the $8,500.00 USD range.
Now it is PDAC 2021 and Bitcoin is trading in the $48-49,000.00 USD range. Just saying….

Market corrections do happen..

Stock markets overall have been correcting for the past couple of weeks, with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies not immune to this phenomenon either. Markets have been on what is considered a long if not historical bull run so this correction is not really a surprise. How long and deep the correction will be is the question. Traders watch the Nasdaq QQQ and SQQQ ETF’s for clues.

When a medium to deep correction happens most sectors lose value, with some sectors tending to fall more than others. In this particular correction in fact the oil sector has actually been doing well because of oil prices rising to new intermediate term highs.

The OTC and pink sheet market companies have taken a brutal hit for some reason- maybe the short algos have been working overtime but it has not been pretty.

At any rate picking quality growth companies to invest in is always in fashion and can protect against longer downturns when the overall markets inevitably continue to march north.


PDAC 2020 is here soon!

With the mining and commodities business looking healthier today than it has in a years, the 2020 PDAC is coming up quickly!
The PDAC goes from Sunday Mar 01 to Wednesday March 04 this year. A large turnout is expected with lots of juniors reorganized and galvanized, as well as mergers happening to consolidate the industry further. The conference is the biggest of it’s kind in the world and it is not unusual to get more than 25-30,000 people in attendance.

Various juniors had eyebrow raising growth in 2019 which is not going unnoticed by the investment community at large. AMEX Exploration for example (TSXV:AMX) has a 52 week range of .22 to $1.65 and is currently trading in the $1.45 cent range. It was a leader in the juniors and continues to press release very good results from their Quebec properties.
Great Bear Resources Ltd. was another winner in the news quite often in 2019. 52 week hi was $9.70 (cad) with a low of $2.20 (cad). Some serious gains were seen by shareholders in these 2 companies as well as a host of others, while the marijuana/cannabis companies virtually collapsed. Therefore we can make the conclusion that that sooner or later the rest of the exploration juniors may be getting some love which has been sorely missing for many years…

O’Cannabiz 2019

The 2019 O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo is happening in Toronto this weekend. The dates are from April 25 to April 29. This will be a beehive of activity if past shows and the current mania of growth in this industry is any indication.

This year the conference is happening at the International Center in Mississagua at 6900 Airport Road, where there is usually plenty of free parking. This location is a fair distance from downtown Toronto where most of the cannabis conferences take place. It is right beside the airport however, so that is a bonus for out of town visitors.

At any rate, there is a lot of excitement and quite amazing growth since legalization has started to become widespread industry as anyone who has not been hiding under a rock for the past 4 or 5 years is probably aware of. The O’Cannabiz conference is voted #1 cannabis event in Canada by High Canada magazine, and they are usually on top of these industry events.

Here is an update on the wondrous effects of CBD which is a non-psychoactive element in the cannabis plant which is getting constant press nowadays for the positive effects people have been experiencing in it’s usage. We snagged this section of info from the High Canada Instagram post, which they apparently got from @traitbiosciences….hope no one minds,

Reposted from @traitbiosciences – CBD IS AMAZING 🙌🏻🌿…Studies say CBD can be an all natural alternative to many anti-anxiety & sleep aid meds. When ingested, CBD activates cell receptors in our Endocannabinoid System that help alleviate anxiety. Research suggests that CBD may boost signaling through serotonin receptors, which can reduce anxiety & boost mood. Studies have reported that patients suffering from depression or anxiety often have a smaller hippocampus. The hippocampus is part of the brain and plays a critical role in many brain functions, such as memory and cognition. Successful treatment of depression and anxiety is associated with the birth of new neurons in the hippocampus. According to research, evidence suggests that CBD may help the hippocampus regenerate neurons.

Stay tuned for updates on this wonderful substance as the FDA is apparently slated to review CBD usability according to their rules around the end of May 2019.

Canadian Junior Report.