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Cryptocurrencies finally rebounding

It has been a long wintery sort of season for cryptocurrency holders, or hodlers as they sometimes refer to themselves. Finally however the cycles have realigned in the positive direction it appears. Bitcoin has surged in the past week and is now trading in the $8,500.00 (US) range after briefly touching $6,900.00 (US) area a couple weeks ago. This is a fairly substantial move and has likely caused many a sigh of relief among crypto fans.

Another interesting thing to note is that various alt coins are following suit with EOS now trading over $3.50 for the first time in over 2 months. EOS has been described as an ‘ethereum killer’ in the past and was designed by top blockchain expert Dan Larimer who also designed the popular blockchain social website Steem. Ethereum itself is moving along nicely with the first mover advantage having kept it ahead of much of the competition. The number of transactions on EOS is rising rapidly however, and a Chinese technology rating paper came out saying EOS was their number one pick out of 30 blockchain companies.

The sector continues to develop along the timeframe which most new technology takes for adoption according to most comments seen around the web, and great things are still expected from this technology, with real world applications beginning to take hold.

Full disclosure, the editor holds a position in EOS coins.