PDAC Conference 2024 on March 3-6 in Toronto

It is time again for Toronto’s world renowned mining conference to take place for 2024!

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada is the world’s leading mining conference and it happens every year in downtown Toronto. It started in 1932 and has grown to host more than 1,100 exhibits and 700 speakers with over 30,000 people attending yearly.

PDAC 2024: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention is the leading event for people, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration.

The annual award winning PDAC Convention in Toronto, Canada brings together up to 30,000 attendees from over 130+ countries for its educational programming, networking events, business opportunities and fun.

Last year (2023) the conference was getting back to normal after the effects of recent years.
The time slot is back to the regular time of March this year, the usual time slot over the years with an exception made in 2022 of course for the pandemic.

The official PDAC date this year is from Sunday March 3rd until Wednesday March 06 2024.

The exploration sector has been as active as any time we have seen it over the past 25 or so years.!
Metals are more in demand than ever, and more and different kinds of metals are now required to build out a carbon free existence on our wonderful planet.

Rare earths and lithium exploration discoveries have been center stage for several years now as these minerals are must haves for the electric vehicle industry which has been growing by leaps and bounds, led by Tesla of course in case you happen to be hiding under a rock somewhere…

This has spurred on intense exploration efforts from exploration companies since the rewards are very high and immediate if they can find economic deposits of these more recently in demand metals.

Of course the more traditional minerals such as silver and gold are just as in demand as ever, even more so as many millions join the middle class throughout the planet


With the usual blend of exploration companies, service providers, equipment manufacturers and financiers, we expect this years PDAC to be as busy as any previous years with much business transacted.
There will be many talks, meetings, educational events,  awards and a refreshing beverage or two will be shared as participants from all over the globe congregate.

We hope to see you there!

The official address is the Metro Convention Center, North Building location located at 255 Front Street West, two blocks west of York Street.

The South Building entrance is located at 222 Bremner Boulevard, one block north of Lakeshore Boulevard, west of York Street.

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