Cryptocurrencies Update- February 01 2018

Cryptocurrencies Update- February 01 2018

Volatility is cetainly the order of the day for cryptocurrencies. This is nothing new for the sector as it has weathered volatility from day one. The overall market cap continues to grow exponentially because the underlying blockchain technology is such a revolutionary innovation, and is already improving lives of the poor, rich and everyone in between. currently has 1,506 cryptocurrencies listed with a total market cap of over $420 Billion.
Education websites are springing up quickly as it becomes evident that a huge number of programmers are going to be necessary to fulfill the new buildout of this technology.

According to a recent article on, “There are now many entrepreneurs, economists, aid officials, and bankers who believe a combination of cryptocurrency and mobile phones, will give the world’s poor access to the global economy.”

Various governments around the world are either embracing the new developments or panicking, and everyone is waiting for regulations to be put into place. This is causing some fairly large price swings in the price of small cap and large cap coins alike…

India has just announced they are banning cryptocurrencies which has caused the latest dip in prices.

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