Based in Toronto, editor Brian Allossery has been active in the field of marketing start up companies since 1996, primarily public companies trading in the Canadian junior markets.

-He has developed a great deal of expertise in identifying highly prospective Canadian based start-up companies, as well as assisting in various aspects of fund raising and corporate development.

-As a lifelong entrepreneur, Mr. Allossery has developed many entrepreneurial skills through business ventures in the construction industry, the entertainment industry and the web development/marketing industry and knows first hand what it takes to build profitable companies, delivering services to clients in the real world.

-Having been involved with many Canadian success stories Mr. Allossery has identified key components of a business situation headed for success in a competitive world. Quality management, an under-valued situation, and real world demand all figure highly into the investigative model. Canadian Junior Report was started in order to share these opportunities with fellow investors in high growth sectors of the economy.

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