Report on Drones: The Sky

Report on Drones: The Sky

Jan 22 2017

We all realize by now that drones are here to stay and they have come upon us very quickly. In fact the technology has raced ahead of the ability of most governments to create viable rules for this new industry. It appears there are going to be many uses for this new generation of small unmanned flying vehicles. Some are obvious and others not so obvious and others still under development in the real world and in peoples imaginations.

As with any new technology there is some levels of fear of the unknown and certainly an amount of exuberance at what is possible. The news has informed us that the military has used drones for some time to do surveillance as well as other less innocent ventures. This is part of being human but overall there are very exciting times ahead for this bold new technology.

-One Canadian based company which is taking the lead moving ahead is The Sky Guys ( Founded by Adam Saxe in 2015 this is a fully integrated UAV (drone) company with clientele in the mapping, surveying and infrastructure inspection sectors, and more. The company began doing ariel photography and video for real estate services but as we noted earlier new technologies tend to be limited only by the imagination and we are invariably surprised at what the ‘kids’ come up with these days given a few electronic circuits…..

The DX-3 Drone

Their first offering is the DX-3 their newly released drone revealed at this years International UAV show. It is different from most drones we have seen in that it is a fixed wing aircraft, which means it looks like a mini airplane, approximately 8 feet across from wing tip to wing tip. It can take off and land vertically and can glide for long distances which adds to it’s efficiency stats.

This proprietary tech vehicle is unmanned and can be operated manually or by supercomputer IBM Watson, It offers up to 25 hour flight times over an operational range of 1,500 kilometers and can carry loads of up to 3 kilograms.

The DX-3 is designed to service niche markets such as oil and gas pipeline monitoring, power company corridor mapping, security defense and emergency response and including weddings and sporting events among other unexpected uses.

The company is also developing their own proprietary artificial intelligence software which will be able to be used by other drone companies. It features facial recognition technology, fault detection, territory monitoring among other features. The software allows the drones to learn at the same time as they are collecting data. Neat stuff!


These drones will start at $300,000.00 to $400,000.00 so they are not cheap however the savings to large companies can be very valuable in the case of early damage notification and appraisal for example.


They  have partnered with Nvidia  utilizing Nvidia’s new sophisticated supercomputer chipset technology to build  artificial intelligence software. This is a very exciting partnership using the latest and greatest technology and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next…..
The company has just announced that the are raising $1.2 million which will help them to continue their rapid development and maintain their position as leaders in this exciting new industry..


Stay tuned for more info!



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