Toronto Lift 2018

Toronto Lift 2018

May 28, 2018

The 2018 Lift MJ convention for Toronto happened this past weekend and was a great success by any measure – the mood was very positive!
It is a very pleasant group of people that frequent these events. This is with or without legalization pending, but that eventuality has added an extra burst of energy to recent mj conventions.

Reporting on developments in this industry is a pleasure to be sure.

New technologies were seen to be sprouting up, especially in plant processing categories as science now legally has the opportunity to be applied to end products.
This is happening more so in Canada than the United States because of Canada’s more encouraging government regulations it appears. Various brands were polished up and vying for attention in various categories, notably CBD oils and skin products. One brand which is getting a lot of attention latley is “Sisters Of The Valley.”

-The Sisters were just featured in a new documentary called  Breaking Habits, which was featured at Cannes…yay!! and look well positioned to capture the public’s imagination with their traditional nun outfits, although they refer to themselves as ‘spiritual sisters’ and not of the religious order. Another video of their operation may be seen here: Sisters Of The Valley video

Another company that seemed very popular with mature products and based out of Vancouver is called Smyle VLiquid – website is

Their oil based products are designed to be used with a specific type of vaporizer which is easier to obtain than in the ‘old days’, worth a second look.

Another delightful contributor  was Merry Meltaways with delicious gourmet truffles which could easily be a wonderful addition to weddings and other special occasions. Merry Meltaways Website

You can contact the company by email at:

There were container companies, rolling paper companies, lighting companies, trimming companies, fertilizer, structural outfits and everything else that make up this new industry. Fortunately for Canada the government is onside and the industry is feeling the benefits of this. It will be a happy bunch if legalization goes through as planned and Canada continues to be able to lead the way in this exciting (and long overdue) change in attitude towards the hemp plant.

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